Monday, December 15, 2014

This is an article a freelance writer, Rosella Hill, made for me about my business.  Check her works out here.

Everything is digital. The world today is run on electronics; computers, smart phones, tablets and such. What do you do when your lifeline malfunctions? Many people simply try to fix it themselves. These days you can go online and find a step by step tutorial of how to fix, repair or upgrade anything yourself. Then the question becomes, “What if I mess it up? Will I find a tutorial to fix that too?”
The answer is simple. Don’t risk it. Unless you have the right qualifications to disassemble, tweak, and reassemble a complicated system of wires, hard drives, computers and the like, it is not a good idea to try. There is a good chance that you’ll make the problem worse. You will make it harder and more expensive when you end up having to take it to a professional.

Who is Shay Gooding?
Olympic Tech Goods and Services is located in Forks Washington, a small town in the middle of the Olympic Peninsula. The town thrives on logging, hiking and fishing. It is a tourist area for the famous Twilight Sega. The owner of the store is Shay Gooding, a self motivated over-achiever. He grew up in Forks, WA and has spent his life with an impressive passion for technology.

He left Forks to further his career and make a name for himself using a computer that he personally built. He was married to an inspiring woman in the summer of ‘02 who helped to motivate him to achieve his goals.

With an associates degree in computer networking and technology, Mr. Gooding set out into the real world. He went to work for companies like AT&T, Office Max and Comcast. When he finally decided that it was time to move back home, he made the decision to start up his own technical business.

Specializing in computers, he now owns the computer repair business, Olympic Tech Goods and Services. He is an expert at repairing and maintaining computers, upgrading systems, and computer usage. He is known to be a hard-working and very accommodating business owner who will out of his way to help his community and work with those who can’t afford to pay all at once.

How Can Olympic Tech Help You? 
Along with the excellent computer repair and upgrade services he provides, Mr. Gooding also offers computer lessons for those of us who aren’t as tech-savvy as we want or need to be. Forks residents say that Shay is great at repairing cell phones.

Mr. Gooding says that he works at great rates because it is more important to him to help his community than to make a ‘quick buck‘. This is why Olympic Goods and Services is the best choice. They really are motivated solely by the need and the desire to help. If you need more proof, come to Forks and ask around for yourself.

Remember when passing through Forks Washington, to stop by Olympic Goods and Services and see for yourself why everyone is raving about this small town computer repair business.

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