Monday, May 3, 2010

Fishing derby yesterday, more rain today

The Forks youth fishing derby was yesterday and as usual there was a huge turnout. This was my first year going to the derby since they relocated it to the rearing pond on Bogachiel Way. When I was a kid they used to have it at a stream that ran near the Sportsman Club. I have mixed feelings about the new location, it is definitely a lot easier for the kids to catch fish but it is also a lot more crowded, people were standing shoulder to shoulder almost. Anyways, we had a good time, didn't catch anything unfortunately because it started to rain and the kid wanted to go. I thought is was funny that my wife was surprised at how much I knew about fishing. I haven't been in probably over 10 years and I was never hardcore into it when I was a kid. But I guess it one of the skills you acquire growing up in a fishing town.
Hail and rain so far today, other than that it's a typical overcast day in Forks, just the way I like it.

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